What Do Our Franchisees Have to Say?

Village Inn is proud to support many franchise owners in serving classic meals and delicious pies in their communities. Our franchise owners come from many different backgrounds, from food service executives to employee turned Village Inn franchise owner. We welcome any level of previous experience. Find out what our Village Inn franchise owners are saying about their experience owning and operating a Village Inn franchise below:

Village Inn is well placed in its category to exceed expectations. When you come in and you’re expecting a normal family dining experience, and you get what we deliver, that’s a wow for the guests. It’s a great place to be as a franchisee, because consistently exceeding those guest expectations builds a lot of regular clientele. And it’s a friendly place to be. It’s a place where you can be you and, and you don’t have to put on a front to impress anybody. Come on in, have some great food, let us take great care of you. It’s an authentic place to be.

Brian Bau – Village Inn Multi Unit franchise owner
village inn franchise owner

Village Inn is different from our other competitors in that we offer a full service family-oriented restaurant where we offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Obviously, breakfast is our specialty. But a lot of places don’t do that today. We do the full breakfast, lunch, dinner and offer the best pies in America. So we have a lot to offer. There’s so much opportunity and potential for a new franchisee to go into new areas of the country where they’ve never heard of Village Inn and become a huge part of someone’s community.

Scott Boyer – Village Inn franchise owner
village inn franchise owner

Corporate has been 100%. Behind location finding and approval, they’re quick on their feet to lend a hand with operational questions. Between IT and marketing, we feel very well supported. Some of the tech they have added, such as the Village Inn app for our consumers, has been a great resource. It’s been able to maintain and help us retain and get more frequent visits by our guests. The franchise team and our franchise consultant have helped us so much. I can’t say enough about how much support and love we feel. I’m just in love with the brand. I’m in love with the people. I’m in love with the new leadership. They’re a big cheerleader for me, and it just keeps me going. They’re always readily available. And they’re quick to solve any issues that come in your way.

Danny Lehan – Village Inn franchise owner

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