Pancakes + Pies = Perfection

Discover the Magical, Stand-out Legacy of Village Inn’s Pie Business

At Village Inn, we pride ourselves on being more than just a classic breakfast brand. Our commitment to innovation and quality extends to our pie business, which has become a unique and integral part of our identity. The Village Inn pie experience sets us apart in the industry and creates a lasting bond with our customers and their local communities.

pie menu from village inn breakfast brandA Time-Honored Tradition

According to Commercial Baking, 78% of consumers love or like pie. That’s a lot of love for pie! Our pies are part of countless family traditions that have been passed down through generations. Bakers Square recipe pies have been beloved throughout the US for decades, which are the very same pies we make from scratch and serve with pride today. The exceptional taste and artful presentation of our pies have been enjoyed by customers of all ages. This multi-generational appeal is a testament to the consistency of our recipes and our unwavering dedication to quality. Few brands can boast of such a rich and enduring legacy that connects families and communities over the years.

78% of consumers said they loved pie breakfast brand

Mouth-watering Selection

Village Inn pies are unique because of the wide range of delectable flavors. Our menu features classic favorites and innovative creations that cater to every palate. We continually strive to surprise and delight our customers with new and seasonal offerings, ensuring that there’s always something fresh and exciting to try. Franchise locations can also participate in Free Pie Wednesdays to encourage customers to taste for themselves what all the hype is about.

Community Connections

Our pies are more than just a delicious dessert, they’re a way for us to connect with and support our local communities. Village Inn franchise owners are encouraged to actively participate in community events, fundraisers, charity work, and donations, often using our scrumptious pies as a centerpiece for these engagements. Our Free Pie Wednesday promotion draws in people from all walks of life, fostering a sense of camaraderie and togetherness that’s synonymous with the Village Inn brand.

breakfast brand

Unparalleled Quality

We believe that what sets Village Inn’s pie business apart is our unwavering commitment to quality. We use only the finest ingredients to create our pies, ensuring heavenly flavors and a memorably exceptional dining experience. Our attention to detail, from the flaky crust to the luscious fillings, keeps our customers coming back for more.

Expert Craftsmanship

Our pies are handcrafted by passionate, skilled bakers. Their expertise and dedication are evident in each and every pie that leaves our kitchen. The stunning visual presentation of our pies is a testament to the artisanal craftsmanship that goes into creating each and every scrumptious masterpiece.

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Pies are a Great Business within a Business

Village Inn’s pies stand out in the industry thanks to our undeniably delicious flavors, wide selection, and commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and community. Our pies have become a beloved staple in countless households, cementing our reputation as a brand that consistently delivers exceptional experiences.

Because of this legacy of excellence, our pies can generate significant additional revenue for franchise owners, especially during major holiday seasons. For example, one of our franchise owners who owns almost 40 locations regularly sells over 100,000 pies in his locations in just two days prior to Thanksgiving each year. Our customers know that there’s no better place to get their favorite pies than at Village Inn. Having the pie business, in addition to your legacy breakfast brand, elevates and expands what your restaurant can accomplish.

As seen in popular culture – think Jack Reacher – pie and coffee is having a cultural renaissance. People have always loved pies, and any good diner needs pies – they are an integral part of the Village Inn brand.

Invest in a Legacy Breakfast Brand

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