The Village Inn Story

The first Village Inn Pancake House opened in 1958, in Denver, Colorado. We began serving our famous made-from-scratch buttermilk pancakes, fresh eggs cooked any style, sizzling bacon, and steaming hot coffee to hungry locals. More than just a place to eat, Village Inn became a destination for vacationers. This inspired co-founders Merton “Andy” Anderson and Jim Mola to place an ad in The Wall Street Journal for prospective franchisees. The first Village Inn franchise opened in 1961 and paved the way for future franchise development.

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Now, six decades later, Village Inn is known for boasting an all-day breakfast menu, as well as lunch, dinner, and award-winning pies. If you’re familiar with Bakers Square, then you already know some of our most popular pies: French Silk, Lemon Supreme, Country Apple, and Caramel Pecan Silk Supreme, just to name a few! Village Inn acquired Bakers Square pies in order to provide our franchise owners with an additional revenue stream that customers just can’t get enough of. From locals who recognize these delicious pies, to pie enthusiasts looking for a holiday dessert option worth bragging about, our pies offer a chance to boost potential earnings and deliver a delicious treat worth coming back again and again for.

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With over 100 corporate and franchise restaurants primarily located in the Rocky Mountain region, the Midwest, Arizona, and Florida, our guests visit us for great-tasting food and extra-friendly service in a family environment that is comfortable and sparkling clean. Many of our customers have been regulars since they were kids — and now, when they’re hungry for quality comfort food, they bring their children and grandchildren with them, making long-lasting memories they can cherish.

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New Era of Village Inn

When you walk into one of our new stores, you are immediately greeted with a dazzling display of our fresh pies and baked goods, giving customers a preview of the elevated experience they’re about to have. We have also brought a new focus to our plate presentation — our new offerings and classic dishes alike are all artfully plated, so that customers know that what they’re about to eat has been made with care.

Our visual refresh of the overall look and feel of Village Inn has been designed with intention. We are honoring our rich history while bringing it into a new era that is as warm and comfortable as ever. And the best part is: it’s working! Our sales have dramatically improved (we have seen up to 40% increases) after each of these refreshes.

“I wanted to say how impressed we are,” said a longtime Village Inn guest from Colorado. “The restaurant is so different than we expected, given what we have experienced in the past! We were surprised and very impressed. We are big foodies and absolutely love to try new things! But while we love a fancy meal every now and then, we more regularly appreciate the comfort of old favorites: an omelette, bacon, hashbrowns, pancakes, orange juice, a cup of warm coffee in a ceramic mug. Yummy sandwiches. Delicious pies! Simple food that isn’t fussy or complicated. A customer-driven experience, not a chef-driven experience. And that’s the niche Village Inn offers: Comfort. Familiarity. Warmth. You aren’t there to discover what the chef learned in France last year—you are there to get that sandwich again that you had last week because it was so good. You can count on getting the food experience you expect, every time, at we-can-eat-here-every-day prices, and where everybody soon knows your name. And you guys are nailing it, and already making so many people happy by giving them what they want, while also quietly improving the presentation and execution, and boldly expanding on the brand experience to capture new customers. We loved going there, we had a fantastic meal, and a wonderful experience, and we can’t wait to come back and enjoy it with you again!”

village inn inside“These new stores that we are opening up are just gorgeous,” says Matt Linse, Director of Operations. “I think the communities are taking to the new look, the new feel, they’re happy to see that refreshed brand, but still with their old favorites. And I think the work that was done around that, to make sure that we respect that 60-year-old brand while still bringing it to the new age, is really a cool thing to see.”

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