Franchisee Interview With Scott Boyer

Franchisee Interview With Scott Boyer

Insights from Scott Boyer, the Seasoned Franchisee Behind 9 Thriving Village Inn Locations

Scott Boyer, a seasoned franchisee of Village Inn, embodies these qualities with an impressive 40+ year journey within the company. From humble beginnings as a cook, Scott has climbed the ranks and become the proud owner of nine Village Inn locations, with four in Iowa and five in Kansas. His remarkable ascent from the kitchen to entrepreneurship is a testament to his unwavering commitment and the opportunities provided by the Village Inn franchise. In this exclusive interview, we delve into Scott’s invaluable insights, reflecting on his extensive experience, lessons learned, and the secrets behind his enduring success in the highly competitive restaurant industry.

Why did you invest in Village Inn?

I think with the long career I’ve had with Village Inn, I knew it was the right thing to do. I

feel so good about the brand and what we can offer to our communities and to our guests. And it was the right thing to do for me to take the next step and become a franchisee. 

What is the ongoing support like from your corporate franchise team?

They do a great job of providing the R&D, marketing, training and all of the things that we need as franchisees. That is the beauty of being a franchisee is that you can tap into these resources. They’ve been very good about keeping these things updated and really working to try to keep up with the latest of what we need to be able to run our restaurants efficiently. They help us keep up with the times, especially for things like hiring staff and being able to attract the best people we can find.

Tell me about experiences you have had with other franchisees in the system. 

We have a great relationship among all the franchisees. We have our own association of Village Inn franchisees. We communicate regularly, have monthly phone calls that we all conference on to talk about business-related topics that we can share notes on and talk about how to better solve problems and things that we see on a daily basis within the restaurants. 

What makes Village Inn different from competitors?

Village Inn is different from our other competitors because we offer a full service, family-oriented restaurant where we serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Obviously, breakfast is our specialty. But a lot of places don’t do that today. We do full breakfast, lunch, dinner and offer the best pies in America. So, we have a lot to offer.

The other thing I would say is we’ve always been somewhat of a regional brand. And there’s so much opportunity and potential upside for a new franchisee to go into areas of the country where they’ve never heard of Village Inn. Village Inn can be a huge part of someone’s community and be the magnet for a lot of people as we have a lot of long-term, loyal guests. 

Why is Village Inn a rewarding business to own? 

Village Inn is a rewarding business to own because we have so many loyal staff members, and you get to know those people. You feel really good being able to work and interact with those individuals on a daily basis. And the system works. People love coming to work and dine at Village Inn, and it creates a good feeling that motivated people want to come in and work every day.

Why is now a good time to invest in a Village Inn franchise?

Now is a great time to invest in Village Inn because they are a regional brand and various people have heard of us. When you think of that potential, there’s an endless opportunity to bring one into your community and be able to introduce your community to a brand that’s amazing and can do very well no matter the location. I like the direction the brand is going as far as incorporating some of the newly remodeled look to our locations and continually innovating the menu, which we’ve been working on to stay trendy and relevant to our competitors for all meal periods. 

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