A Village Inn Success Story from Brian Bau

A Village Inn Success Story from Brian Bau

Village Inn General Manager turns into Multi-Unit Franchisee

Let’s take a look at the inspiring journey of Brian Bau, a Village Inn franchisee who has not only embraced the brand, but has also played a significant role in its resurgence as a thriving breakfast and pie franchise.

Brian has been involved with Village Inn for quite some time, starting as a general manager and eventually becoming a franchise consultant for the brand. In 2016, he seized the opportunity to purchase three restaurants in the Rocky Mountain region, and he hasn’t looked back since.

What makes Village Inn a resilient brand?

What makes Village Inn such a resilient brand, according to Brian, is our unique niche that caters to the community in a way that many restaurants don’t. It operates in a sweet spot that’s balanced between being better than an IHOP and a not-quite-full-casual dining experience. At Village Inn, everyone feels welcome and people connect with the brand on a personal level.

The franchise has evolved over the years, adopting new looks and technology to improve the customer experience, including table-side ordering, coffee elements, and even alcohol offerings. The brand has become the perfect blend of traditional breakfast place and perfect brunch spot.

How does the Village Inn team support franchisees?

Brian attributes a lot of the brand’s success to the impressive level of support and commitment from Village Inn’s management team. They have invested in the brand, tested new solutions, and ensured that the franchisees have access to the best resources and training. The relationship between the franchisor and franchisees is a two-way street, where both parties listen to and embrace each other’s ideas to find what works best for the brand.

The Village Inn franchisee community stays connected and supports each other through the Association of Village Inn Franchisees (AVIF). This tight-knit group holds monthly calls to debrief, share best practices, and help each other overcome challenges by working together to find solutions.

Who is the ideal franchisee for Village Inn?

Village Inn’s ability to exceed expectations and create an authentic, welcoming atmosphere has made it a popular choice for customers. Brian believes that the brand is well-suited for entrepreneurs who are passionate about being hands-on and working alongside their teams.

What are you most proud of through being a part of Village Inn?

Community involvement is another big part of Brian’s love for the brand. Supporting the Loveland Senior Center through pancake breakfasts and providing valuable work experience for young people are only a couple of examples of how Village Inn serves as a platform for giving back to the community.

What does the future hold for Village Inn?

As for the future of Village Inn, Brian sees the brand continuing to evolve and adapt to the changing market. Village Inn’s regional flexibility and ability to offer both eatery-style and full-day dining options make it a strong contender in the breakfast segment.

With the current economic climate, Brian believes that Village Inn’s sweet spot in terms of pricing and quality will make it an attractive option for people who want great food and service without breaking the bank. As a resilient and stable brand, Village Inn is in a prime position to weather any economic ups and downs.

Brian Bau’s journey with Village Inn is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and a strong community. As the brand continues to evolve and grow, there’s no doubt that the future looks bright for Village Inn and our incredible franchisees.

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